Agile Process & Documentation

In today's agile prototype and development world we are often challenged between robust documentation and quick entry into the prototype and development process. I find that some people who have always practiced in a waterfall environment are still entrenched in complete documentation before configuration and dev begins. Then again those that are very focused on agile development sometimes want every component documented in agile platforms such as JIRA, Confluence, Slack, and others.

These opposite ends of the spectrum are often at odds but I see an opportunity to build some documentation in advance as a measure of what is to be designed a built and as the configuration and development is planned move towards an agile and iterative process based on the robust documentation. The reason I believe that the initial documentation is so important is to enable key stakeholders to see all features, business process flows, and high level architecture. Stakeholders do not have the time to review the agile documentation that is in JIRA as very discrete and details stories and epics.

Below are samples of a conventional business analysis phase BRD document, a screenshot of JIRA agile story and bug tracking platform, and an Agile worksession where River Road Consulting collaborated with a development group to build stories and EPICS that lead to detailed software development Sprints. The Agile sessions lasted two weeks but paid off with seamless specifications, architecture, and development cycles.

business-requirements-document-sample AGILE Stories and EPICS JIRA-agile-scrum-documentation